Current Sermon Series - Jan 2019

The questions everyone should ask

Sunday December 30
What happens when we die?

Eccl 3:1-16; John 5:19-30
Every culture down through the ages has had some sense of an afterlife, but on what basis?
No-one ever returns from the dead to inform us.
How does faith in Christ bring hope even in the face of death?

Sunday January 6
Can I really trust the Bible

Ps. 119:41-48; 2 Tim 3:10-17
Every religion has their own holy text, and some of them with pretty scant historical basis.

Sunday January 13
How can you claim Christianity is the only true religion?

Isaiah 45:20-25; John 14:1-7
Every religion claims their own unique understanding or perspective on God.
And all seem to think they're right & others must be wrong?
That's a pretty big call with a whole lot at stake!

Sunday January 20
How can you believe in a God when there is so much suffering and evil?

Genesis 18: 20-33; Revelation 21:1-7
This is the ultimate 'why?' question.
How is it possible to maintain any faith in a loving God in a world wracked with such suffering and evil?
Surely the reality of the pain disqualifies the prospect of the other.

Sunday January 27
Isn't faith in God an attack on reason?

Job 40:1-14; Matthew 16:1-4
Hasn't science more or less disproved Christianity?
Would I have to check my brain in at the door in order to believe in God?
Where's the logic?




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Some more about our Preaching Program

Preaching the word of God is a matter very dear to us. We believe that we have in the Bible "the most precious thing this world affords" - a jewel of great price. In the Scriptures God makes known to us his will and his character, his thoughts and his ways. And so we aim to work our way through the Bible in a way that is accessible and manageable.

We try to not simply preach from the Bible (those things which stuck out to us and appealed to us), but to actually preach the whole Bible (even the bits we might happily have skipped over or don't really fully understand).

It is our practice to align our preaching series with the school terms. We find this coordinates things well with other areas of church life, as well as producing blocks of a good length.

During the 4 terms in each year, we will look at all or part of: a Gospel, a New Testament letter, an Old Testament book, and one other (maybe another of any of these categories, or even something topical or systematic).

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