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For each of our major teaching series of the year, we produce a set of studies. These studies are intended for use in the Small Group context, but can just as easily be put to personal use. They cover the sections of the Bible according to the break-up for preaching and seek to engage people with the text itself as well as exploring the significance of the texts for our own personal lives of faith and our life together.

These studies are used in St John's Small Groups. Contact Us for more detailed Small Group information.

Earlier Series

Genesis 1-12 Daily Bible Reading Notes

Fruit of the Spirit Studies

Romans chs4-8 studies

Job: making sense of suffering

Praying is believing

Matthew 8-13


1 John

Acts 1-9

Acts 10-19

Exodus 1-20


Kids Church Workbooks

Meteors and Comets Lessons 4-5 from OT4