7pm at St John's

G'day all and thanks for your interest... 7pm at St John's is a new congregation aimed at the 18-25 demographic of our local community. We hope to not only nurture and encourage the faith of those who know Jesus Christ as Lord, but also, to make him known.

Whether or not you call St John's home please do not hesistate to come and get amongst it of a Sunday evening; that is, for good food, good company and most importantly, the unfailing word of a good God.

Connect with us:

t. 03 5243 3561
m. 0438 850 009
f. sevenstjohns
i. sevenatstjohns

Phone: 03 5243 3561

Facebook: sevenatstjohns

Instagram: sevenatstjohns


For all enquiries please contact Joe:

Phone: 03 5243 3561, Mobile: 0438 850 009