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Sermons are available as mp3 files from this site. Some may be available on CD which can be ordered at a Sunday service or via an email enquiry. May they be useful to you in encouraging a Godly mind and life.

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Most current messages are directly below.

For earlier series click the 2014 link. For our Christian DNA workshop series contact the office.

For our March 2018 Church Camp series on Contentment, see our Church Camp page.

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2018_09_16 JAMES 5.12-20 WILL ORPWOOD.MP3

2018_09_09 JAMES 4.13-5.11 WILL ORPWOOD.MP3

2018_09_02 JAMES 4.1-12 WILL ORPWOOD.MP3

2018_08_26 JAMES 3.13-18 JOE DOODY.MP3

2018_08_19 JAMES 3.1-12 WILL ORPWOOD.MP3

2018_08_05 JAMES 2.1-13 WILL ORPWOOD.MP3

2018_07_29 JAMES 1.19-27 WILL ORPWOOD.MP3

2018_07_22 JAMES 1.1-18 WILL ORPWOOD.MP3