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Kids Club 2021


We're back! And we're excited!

And did you notice our dates have changed? We're going to run Kids Club in the SEPTEMBER school holidays this year instead of in JULY as we've usually done. But apart from that, all of your favorite Kids Club stuff will still be there plus a whole lot of Medieval mayhem. Dragons! Jousting! Eating cannonballs! Maypole dancing! Knights with ENORMOUS moustaches! And we'll be learning more about Jesus and about being a light in dark places (super important when you're a dragon who's afraid of the dark....!)

Registration will open at the start of July. In the meantime, check out our Kids Club Facebook page!

What is Kids Club?

At St John's we believe that a friendship with Jesus is the greatest discovery a person can make, so we teach about Jesus and communicate his love through all we do at Kids Club. Programmed activities each day include music, singing, games, Bible talks, drama, science, crafts and more, we aim to have heaps of fun together! Our program runs for four half days in the first week of the July holidays.

Kids Club Team

Kids Club is part of the St. John's Ministry to Children and as such our team is comprised of many friendly members who are part of our church and for whom the childrens safety is key priority. All team members carry the 'Working with Children Check' card. St Johns is a Child Safe church.