Banking Codes | St. John's Anglican Church Highton Geelong

St John's Banking Codes

Following advice from the auditor, we have recently altered our banking arrangements. Please read the following carefully.

To improve the process around payments, we have moved our account to Westpac (from the Commonwealth Bank). The CBA requires two signatories to approve payments using the same device in the same location (which is not always practical).

The Bendigo Bank is now our preferred bank.

The CBA account will, for a time, remain active but it is preferred going forward if you can select the Bendigo or Westpac Bank account for making donations.

When transferring or depositing funds into our Bendigo bank or Westpac accounts, would you please add the specific code to the transaction description (the one that we get) so that the purpose of those funds can be correctly allocated in our accounting system.

Please put the code first in the transaction description, rather than last, because all descriptions are shortened when we get them.

Please use the word TITHE or GIVING as the transaction description for all OFFERTORY deposits. Please use uppercase as shown. There is no need to include your name for offertory deposits.

Please make your offertory gift deposit to either:

  • Bendigo Bank account (BSB 633-000, Account No. 143693612)
  • Westpac Bank account (BSB: 033-344, Account No. 403752). (Yes Westpac have really short account numbers 6 digits.)

Building Fund Accounts


Account No

Non Tax Deductable Gifts 703 122 0500 89 662
Tax Deductable Gifts 703 122 0500 90 728
Offering TITHE (or GIVING)

Please make your gift to Missions or your other Payment only to the Westpac Bank (BSB 033-344, Account No. 403752). As this is the preferred bank for this.

Please use the relevant special code in the transaction descriptions for funds transferred to or deposited in the church account for Missions or Payments, as detailed below. Please put the code first in the transaction description.

Unfortunately, if you deposit without a code we will most likely allocate your gift/payment as Offertory, Tithe or Giving.

AFES - Alison McDonald AM7
AFES - other gift AF7
Bushikori Christian Centre BC7
CMS - Jon and Debs JD7
CMS - Chris and Grace CG7
CMS - other gift CM7
Korus Connect KC7
Mission to Seafarers MS7
Prison Fellowship PF7
Scripture Union SU7
Ridley Theological College RC7
Church Camp CC7 I(nitial)Surname (nothing more)
Kid's Club KK7 I(nitial)Surname (nothing more)
Mainly Music MM7 I(nitial)Surname (nothing more)
Marriage Course MC7 I(nitial)Surname (nothing more)
Playgroup PG7 I(nitial)Surname (nothing more)
Police Check PC7 I(nitial)Surname (nothing more)
Youth Event YE7 I(nitial)Surname (nothing more)
e.g. CC7 Smith; PG7JBlack; YC7JJones

These codes do not apply to your gifts to the building fund accounts, which should be paid directly into ADF accounts.

^ Please use all UPPERCASE codes as shown.

# We do not provide receipts nor do we arrange for the mission you are supporting to provide them. If you want a receipt, please send your gift directly to the mission you're supporting. If you need banking information for that mission, please email the Treasurer who will forward those details to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Combining two or more codes in one transaction will not work. Our automated system will recognise the first from our list of codes in any transaction and ignore any other code(s) in the same transaction. Therefore please use each gift or payment code in a separate transaction.

*** Bookstall Deposits ONLY ***

Only for Books from the bookstall please use the following bank account

Westpac Bank account (BSB: 033-344, Account No. 403760).

The Account number is very close to the general giving account - Please ensure you pick the correct account!

Include the title of the book. You generally have 18 characters. Do your best.

*** International Deposits ***

For International Payments please use the Westpac Bank

  • Swiftcode: WPACAU2S
  • Bank: Westpac Bank
  • Bank Address: 166 Pakington Street, Geelong West, Victoria, Australia 3218
  • BSB: 033344 (Branch code don't enter a dash)
  • Account Number: 403752
  • Depending on your bank you might only have account number include the BSB + Account number on the document.

  • Comment: Please use the codes listed
  • If you need further instructions please contact the Treasurer.