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Who is Jesus?

In his own day, Jesus made this very question one of central significance. His own generation struggled to recognise his identity. His life and teaching and ministry created all manner of responses, and the people of his day formed various conclusions. At one point, turning to his closest companions, he asked them about the word on the street - and they gave him a snapshot of the kind of things people were saying. Then he turned the question on them personally - "who do you say that I am?"

This remains the most critical and pressing questions for all people of every generation - who is Jesus?

Sadly, fewer and fewer have looked into Jesus and sought to answer this question for themselves, but how important it is for each of us to look into Jesus (beyond whatever snippets we can remember from Sunday School or CRE). Jesus presents himself plainly and compellingly in the Bible, for example in the Gospel according to Mark. Have you looked into Jesus and his promise of eternal life?

At St. John's we're ready and willing to do all we can to help you investigate, understand and decide about Jesus. We aim to do this each week in our many activities of opening and learning from the Bible together. And we have regular events (such as Christianity Explained) that do the same. There is never a better opportunity to look into the Lord Jesus than now. How about you do this?

The famous Chistian thinker and writer, C. S. Lewis (author of the Narnia series) reasoned that we really only have 3 options in trying to form an opinion about Jesus: either he was a liar (whose claims were untrue and deceptive); or he was a lunatic (who genuinely believed his own claims but was deluded); or he really is who he claimed to be - the very Son of God, the Saviour and Lord of all creation. Who do you say that Jesus is?

If you are interested to find out more about Jesus, please contact us. We also run regular events exploring Jesus and Christianity - check out our events page to see what is coming up.