How we go about things | St. John's Anglican Church Highton Geelong

How we go about things

When you are new to a church, it should be a welcoming experience - welcoming in terms of the people you meet, the God that is talked about, sung of and prayed to, and welcoming in terms of how things work. Here's a little bit about how we go about things at St. John's which will hopefully help you feel welcomed at St. John's.

Making the most of life at St. John's

Sometimes the most obvious things about what churches do together are left unspoken. 'We hope you'll come on Sunday' or 'Are you praying?'. Here (and at our 'welcome gatherings' held each term), we aim to give voice to the basics of what it means to be a part of, and make the most of, life at St. John's. Its like swimming between the flags at the beach.

beach flags.jpg

When you visit the beach, the message is 'swim between the flags' because there you find the best swimming experience, be at the centre of attention, and make the most of your swim. We think the following seven points function like the 'flags on the beach', helping you make the most of life at St. John's. These points express what we hope for you, and anticipate from you.

  • Trust and follow the Lord Jesus
  • Regularly attend a Sunday gathering, 8am, 10am or 5pm
  • Join a small group within our church
  • Give witness to your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Pray for the mission and ministry of our church
  • Give generously to support the mission and ministry of our church
  • Find at least one area in which you can serve your brothers and sisters in Christ

By enthusiastically taking on these seven points, we feel that this will help you make the most of life at St. John's. They are the things we hope and pray you'll have opportunity to participate in at St. John's. We believe these are the practical ways a person's Christian life works out in practice.

Our mission statement is: 'Building people for God'

God himself aims to see people 'built up' as his people, brought to 'maturity in Christ' and He does this work through his word, by his people the church. So, as we hear, understand and trust his word, God grows us to greater maturity in Christ, we are built up. Therefore as a church we at St. John's aim to be opening God's word, the Bible, together, and working to hear understand and put it into practice. By so doing we aim to obey our Lord Jesus who commands us to:

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart . . . and your neighbour as yourself"; and,

"Go and make disciples...baptising . . . and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."