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The Ridley Certificate

The Ridley Certificate is an unaccredited online course to deepen your faith, equip you to serve, and teach you to think biblically.

The course consists of 10 subjects (out of 19 options) and can be studied anywhere, anytime, to obtain a Ridley Certificate. It features video lectures, discussion questions and multiple-choice quizzes to consolidate learning

In term 3, we'll be taking the opportunity to take part together in one of the certificate's core subjects: Knowing God - Christian Theology.

Who is God and what can we know about him? What is the Gospel?

What is the kingdom that Jesus heralded?

In his typically clever and entertaining way, Mike Bird makes theology accessible and practical, teaching not just what Christians believe but why we believe and what difference it makes.


This seven week short course will run from 7.45pm-9.00pm on Thursday evenings at St John's, beginning on 4 August. Cost is $5 per person.

Get in touch with us to register your interest or with any questions.


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