Roster information - 5pm Service | St. John's Anglican Church Highton Geelong

Information about each ministry


We are keen to use talent from all age groups so don't be shy about offering. Talk to Chris Gibbs, how you can be involved. Practice occurs before the service.

Bible Reading

The readings are listed in the news sheet. The named person should read the reading listed.

At the end of the reading say, “this is the word of the Lord” and the reply is “thanks be to God”.

Leading Prayer during the service

The Prayer Leader prepares approximately 5 minutes of intercessory prayer to share during the service.

Easy Worshop (Computer)

Operate overhead data computer during service. Duties include checking order of service, and songs in Easy Worship software before service. Training is available. Arrive by 4.30.

Sound Control at Audio Visual Desk

Control sound levels during service. Duties include arriving at 4.30, setting up microphones and setting sound level during music practice. Full training is available.


Before the service: Turn heater on, if necessary, greet people and hand out news sheet. Look out for new people.

During the service: stay at doors until 5.10am. Count attendees. Distribute any hand-outs and Weekly News. During the offertory song, pass around the offertory plate to collect tithes and offerings.

After the service: Enter attendance, communicants, and other details in service record book. With the other helper, gather the tithes and offerings, place in sealed envelope with both your signatures and deposit in the money safe.


Arrive 20 minutes before the service to prepare coffee machine, cups, biscuits etc. A few minutes before the end of the service finish preparations. Serve morning tea, then clean up when finished. To assist you, instructions on how to operate all equipment are in a folder in the kitchen.

Communion Preparation & Clean up

Arrive at 4.30 am and set up for communion and clean up after the service.

Serving Communion

Assist with serving communion wine/fruit juice to communicants.

Prayer Ministry

Pray with one other person for those who seek individual prayer after the service.

Kids Church Ministry

Teachers are on a roster, serving 4 weeks per term or offer as a helper rather than a class teacher. Any ministry to, or involving dependents, requires appropriate checks and clearances. (visit one week to have a look)